Monday, January 17, 2011

Belated Happy New Year!

I'm embarrassed about how long it's been since I posted. Oh, well, life happens.

Since it's still the beginning of the year, I wanted to post something in honor of Janus, and what could be better than garden gates? On my walks and bike rides around the neighborhood, I've been struck by what gates tell us about the occupants.

My first thought? Drug dealers! Yikes! I wouldn't want to meet the people who live here.

Doesn't this make you feel welcome?

This is one of our gates...

... which, I think, entices you in, in large part because of the way the bricks are laid
I so want to know what's behind this gate

If you want to keep people out with a steel crate, at least this does it with a bit of charm
Here's a detail
This is attached to an ordinary South Florida ranch house and it really shouldn't work, yet, it clearly does

I think these occupants might be fun to get to know. The side gate has a moon and directly behind it, on the wall, is a smiling sun