Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mackerel sky

If you've read previous entries, you'll know how much I like clouds. These pics were taken last weekend at sunset. We don't get a mackerel sky very often.

These are altocumulus clouds, defined by the National Weather Service as:

A cloud of a class characterized by globular masses or rolls in layers or patches, the individual elements being larger and darker than those of cirrocumulus and smaller than those of stratocumulus. These clouds are of medium altitude, about 8000-20,000 ft (2400-6100 m).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic. I like clouds too and was once toying with the idea of having a blog devoted to pictures of clouds. But I can't ever get the names right so I never got around to it.

Keep the pics coming, I'm sure I'll learn something

Penny said...

Thanks for the comment. Click the 'clouds' tag and find a posting about the Cloud Appreciation Society. Lots of wonderful photos.