Sunday, November 1, 2009

Going bananas

We take bananas for granted; they are, after all, only an everyday fruit. But there's a whole bunch (pardon the pun) more to them than that.

I grow a "Brazilian dwarf," which I thought meant that the plants would be dwarf, but it turns out the name refers to the fruit, so they are unexpectedly tall. I also have a true dwarf which produces apple-flavored bananas, and I'm encouraging a struggling plant that supposedly produces bananas with red flesh. I also have ornamentals, meaning the fruit is inedible, with variegated leaves of a stunning red and green.

This photo, which I took at Fairchild earlier in the week, is of another ornamental. The fruit and flowers are simply spectacular. Click on the picture to see the flower's occupant.


MrBrownThumb said...

I'm envious that you get to grow bananas. There's a variety that can survive in my area with a lot of winter protection but it seems like too much work.

I'm rooting for global warming.


Penny said...

Hey, MBT, I remember being very surprised to see them growing in containers along the Miracle Mile a few summers ago during a visit. I assume that the city has a place to overwinter them. I still buy most of my bananas at the store, if that makes you feel better. :)