Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poshing up the garden

Every well dressed garden needs a chandelier, don't you think?

I found this one -- the real deal -- at a yard sale, going for a whopping $10! It was very dusty and the new homeowner couldn't be bothered to clean it.

Our little house is not the right place for such a splendid piece, but I wasn't thinking about using it inside, anyway.

I've removed most of the electrical wiring and for a post-Christmas gathering, hung it from a branch of the big mahogany. I used fake flickering LED candles, and I think it looked fabulous. It looks just as goodby daylight, too.


James Missier said...

Are those cystals?

Penny McCrea said...

Yes! I didn't attach the ones that hang underneath, but I have them. It really was quite a find!

Penny McCrea said...

Actually, I mean they're glass crystals, not plastic.