Monday, May 10, 2010

Very late Project GROW April report

My bad. 'nuff said.

OK, my Spitfire nasturtiums from Renee's Garden are flowering and some of them are beginning to trail.

The first pic is of one growing in a large pot along with some rather sad Turnera subulata, but the leaves compliment each other nicely.

The flower color is what I consider to be "traditional" nasturtium orange, not the scarlet-orange of the description, which is a bit disappointing. (I love yellows, such as Whirlybird Cream, and deep reds, like Cobra, which also has grey/green leaves.) Perhaps Spitfire will get redder as she grows.

The second pic shows one of three plants, in a different location, beginning to wander off. These are in the toughest spot; the soil is poor; it doesn't get watered often, and I suspect that, since it's close to the street, a dog is using the heavy wrought iron screen I "planted" as a place to pee. But nasturtiums are tough plants, which makes them such assets for a chaotic gardener like me.


James Missier said...

nice nasturtiums. Wish I had them in my garden.

NanaK said...

Lovely plants but maybe you shouldn't use the flowers from the one by the street in your salad:)

Penny McCrea said...

Hi, James. Have you tried? What happened?

Nana: Believe me, I won't!!