Monday, April 13, 2009

Twitterpating (All's fair in love and war)

I was never overly fond of Bambi, but I love that word.

Twitterpating is in full swing, which any gardener will know. I have four bird feeders of varying sizes around the garden and right now it doesn't take long for them to empty. My favorite is attached to the kitchen window and you can hear a bird landing on it from another room. If you stand still in the kitchen, you get a lovely close up of blue jays, cardinals, redwing blackbirds (mostly the females, which are very dull), and doves.

A few years ago, Dan and I watched a pair of male redwings, in full breeding plumage, get into a fight to the death. Eventually, they locked wings above the canal and plunged straight down. The poet spoke the truth about Nature Red in Tooth and Claw because one bird held the other under water until it drowned. He flew off, triumphant, while the body of the other surfaced and floated away.


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nadia said...

Gardening has often been cited as a hobby ripe for getting people out of depression. That's because it takes people out of their own thoughts and helps them focus on something that needs their care and attention, says Dr David Harper, a reader in clinical psychology at the University of East London.

"You're feeling close to nature by being outside and nurturing nature in some way. It connects you to a broader world out there. And if you're growing things, that's going to give you a feeling that you're sustaining things."

Courtesy of the BBC

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I missed this. Thanks for posting it.