Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Garden Goddess

It occurs to me that perhaps my garden was spared the worst of the freeze through the good offices of my Garden Goddess!

I found her, with her lovely Rubenesque torso, at my favorite thrift store and got her for $20. (She's about two feet tall and made of plaster.)  Then, a month or so ago, I found a pedestal carved from local limestone at an estate sale (another $20 and a real find). So, I found a place under an oak, not far from a lute-playing cherub I found at another estate sale, and placed her on top of the pedestal. That's when I named her Garden Goddess. She reminds me of the Venus of Willendorf or the Venus of Moravany, although she may not like being thought of as that old!


Bangchik said...

Yea.., it adds to the diversity. And you gave beautiful names too. Cheers ~bangchik

Susan said...

Hmmm. We all could use one of those garden godesses to protect our yards. Don't you just love finding some really cool garden art? Your background wallpaper is really, really nice.

Penny McCrea said...

Thanks, folks.
@Susan: I wouldn't have know how to find the background if not for your post. :-)
@Bangchik: I'm following your blog, too. I think I will learn a lot about tropical veggies.

NanaK said...

That is a really nice piece of art. I, too, comb the thrift stores and garage sales for garden art. It's always fun to make a "find". Enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to coming back often.

Penny McCrea said...

Thanks, Nana. I thought there might be fellow garage sale gardeners out there. I have all sorts of things (that drive my husband nuts in hurricane season) out there. I'll post more pictures in due course.

What a shocking photo you have of your post-freeze garden; I'm so sorry. Still, one of the joys of the garden is that such events are a perfect excuse for trying out new things. :)