Monday, January 4, 2010

Miami (temperature) blues

Brrr! It's even chilly in Havana! While this may be a subject of mirth to those familiar with snow, hard freezes and below-zero wind chill temps, it's a serious problem for those of us who grow cold-averse plants. (There's a reason you don't see snow on coconut palms.) The Miami office of the NWS put out a statement earlier today saying this might be the longest cold spell for 15-25 years. Already, my aglonemas have keeled over from a combination of strong, cold wind, low temps and, I suspect, rambunctious dogs; these plants are usually dense, upright, and beautiful.

Most of the plants in my garden, including the orchids, will survive temps that fall into the low 40s for a night -- or even two, as long as it warms up in the daytime. But this week, with yet colder weather forecast, look like a disaster in the making. It doesn't help that I'll be out of town for a week leaving my husband, who has limited skills -- and even less interest -- in maintaining the garden (although he does appreciate the results of my efforts), to institute an "action plan" to prevent a calamity.


Christine B. said...

I understand about having a "non-trained" and not interested husband. I would be nervous about leaving for a week, too. My concerns here in Alaska aren't protecting from cold so much as protecting from Bambi's big hulking cousin, the moose!



Pam's English Garden said...

I hope you have a safe trip and return to find no great disaster has occurred in your beautiful garden.

Penny McCrea said...

@Christine: I think we have more than non-trained husbands in common. I also have lots of "rusty garden art" and other things I find at garage sales. (Did you happen to notice the post "Poshing up the Garden" about the chandelier?) I'll post some pix of the other stuff I have in the garden.

@Pam: I'm a transplanted (pun intended) Brit and I my garden has English features, especially in the winter months when I plant out my favorite "summer annuals." Your pic of the robin startled me for a moment; I thought you'd found it in your garden. I miss English robins; they're cheeky birds.