Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spanish moss For Mr. Brown Thumb in Chicago

Blog follower, MBT, commented that he likes Spanish moss, so here are some pix I took yesterday with the sun shining through. It was a gorgeous sight. Incidentally (and as I responded to his comment), in most of the South chiggers live in Spanish moss, so it's risking handling it. For some reason, South Florida's Spanish moss is chigger free and safe to pick up. I've got it hanging off a young oak as well as dripping off orchid containers where it proliferates in the sun.


MrBrownThumb said...

Cool shots. Although, I look at it different now that I know chiggers live in it. I wonder if they have to spray the stuff you find in garden centers and craft stores to avoid spreading them.

Penny McCrea said...

Probably. I can send you some of the live stuff (chigger free) if you want. Keep it inside in the winter in a sunny spot and periodically spray it with water and a bit of fertilizer.