Saturday, March 20, 2010

The divine scent of lemon blossom

A friend's lemon tree is in bloom and I could have spent my day sitting close to it.

Do you remember the calypso? "Lemon tree very pretty/ And the lemon flower is sweet/ But the fruit of the poor lemon/ Is impossible to eat."

For your list of things to do before you die: Walk, cycle or drive (with open windows) on a drowsy, sunny day through citrus groves when the trees are in bloom. You'll neither regret nor forget the experience.


Meems said...

You are so right, Penny. I plan my routes around the orange groves to get that marvelous and heavenly scent wafting through the windows.

Penny McCrea said...

Meems, you are so lucky to live close to the groves. Prior to the citrus canker debacle (when, for example, DoA employees mistook my ligustrums for citrus!), you could smell the blossoms from backyards all around South Florida. At least, we can legally plant them again.

Ami said...

I love that heavenly citrus blossom scent very much too! I am trying to see if I can find a spot in my small yard for at least one of those trees.

Penny McCrea said...

Ami, you can keep a tree small with judicious pruning. I've seen them grown in containers, admittedly large containers.

NanaK said...

Lemon trees are very pretty and smell wonderful. They always bring me memories of spending time with a dear friend. We would sit on the swing on her front porch drinking lemonade made from her Meyer lemon tree which was right in front of the swing.